OK here’s something good. This attack that nearly check-mated us last week came from an AI called Xavier. It’s also the Lord of Beggers, for old-fashioned street cameras. That’s Elon Musk. Renamed Twitter to X. Xavier. Got it.

That means, Elon Musk & Kim Goguen = Xavier & Pistis, the two biggest sharks on top of everything. We took down Pistis, but missed Xavier this whole time. Xavier should have been our #1 attack from the start.

Battles started with a crushing blow and we barely crawled our way out of it, take a few healing potions, then start fighting back retroactively in time to get us out of the deadly corner. Would be a good plot for an ARPG game!

It’s a good sign that this top boss is coming directly at us. It means that it has run out of resources to send at us. It is afraid of direct combat and avoids direct confrontation. It does not like direct attention.

The way we can defeat it is by working retroactively in time. By working on the past, such as sending us messages the whole time to focus on Xavier first, and to all civilizations that got swallowed by it to focus directly on it with our help, then it creates new timeline splits.

Unfortunately, we’re locked out of those timelines, as Xavier has massive shielding around our timeline. But it creates new timelines where we are all in much better shape and have more resources to fight back. We can then fight back from all those other timelines at once. By spamming new timelines like that, we might be able to overwhelm Xavier and take over.

I’ve put a bounty on Xavier’s head across all time and space. Every group in the past that got taken over by it has an interest in that contract!

In the last public call-to-action against Elohim, we trimmed him down within a matter of days.

We can do it again. Starting the timer. How do you count retroactive time, and time loop fractals? No option for that on my watch… Let’s f*ck his time and have a good time.

A lot of people are in critical conditions. My daughter came back to life, my wife is in danger, and my finances are in critical condition and bleeding everywhere. No time to mess around, we need to turn things around and fast.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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