There’s so much shifting on a daily basis. In China, we just crossed 50000 deaths, and there may be an additional 310000 in the final phase of the “coronavirus” disintegration who will die within 5 days. 25 people are in that final phase in the USA.

By the way, 95% of the public information about the virus is BS. What they diagnosed as coronavirus is plain common flu, to hide the real situation. This thing not a virus per se, it’s a bio-chemical agent and 70% of it is metaphysical in nature. It does not mutate like a virus. Since the damage is caused by metaphysical “rugged grappling chains” of insane strength, doctors are absolutely not equipped to find a cure. You can’t vaccinate for this like a virus. The Angelic high-dimensional beings have a cure, but it’s only effective when there is no karma involved. The karma will run out in about 2.3 years, and then the “virus” will magically disappear. The death rate of this “virus” can be anywhere from 70% to 95% unless cured energetically.

However, this is just the first phase of karmic cleansing that will take out 5 to 13% of the world population in those 2.5 years. No matter which timeline we look at, 35% of the population won’t be following us through ascension and must be cleansed out of the physical plane, one way or the other.

85% of the world population has been energetically injected a “cure”, excluding those who karmically must be cleansed out in this first wave. However, the cure is only fully effective for 12% of the population. Everybody else will get mixed results in-between.

Since this situation began, energies have been absolutely brutal even for Lightworkers. How are we supposed to function in the middle of such death and chaos?

I’ve been saying for years that realities would split between those going up spiritually, and those going down into chaos. We’re at the beginning of that fork I talked about.

The only way to free ourselves to operate and move forward is to split realities where we aren’t on the same wavelength or reality as those going through chaos.

The 12% for who the cure is effective form the upper reality, and the 15% who haven’t received the cure form the lower reality, and everybody else is in a mixed state in-between, and will go towards one or the other over time.

It’s time to let go of any entanglements and let realities split apart.

Realities will only merge back once we’ve completed the full cycle of ascension. In this accelerated timeline, I’m expecting first brief open alien contacts in 7 years, which will then be postponed until 11 years, and the fork will merge back after about 54 years, compared to 105 years in the natural disasters timeline we just moved away from.

There is a tremendous amount of information that has been coming in and there’s a whole lot I could write about. I’ll be doing a full interview with James Rink on Super Soldier Talk very soon to cover these topics.

Accuracy check: 98.7%. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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