We keep going through very intense battles and are seeing increasingly fast progress. Here’s a status update.

The Dark Sophia problem is mostly resolved. There are still fragments here and there, but it has been a lot more quiet lately. We really got to be careful so that the remaining fragments don’t regenerate and start it all over!

Dark Sophia is defeated and deleted, Asmodeus is deleted, Belphegor is deleted, the 3 witches are deleted.

Satan and Lucifer mostly turned over a while ago. Leviathan is a fragment of Poseidon, also with us. Mammom and Beelzebub voluntarily turned themselves to the tribunal for judgment.

There are then other realms higher than that. Dark Sophia and the whole mess was created by a distortion frequency that was the source of everything. Finally found the beast, and the distortion came from its ring. Threw the ring into the forge where it got created, along with Gulum, and there was a massive collapse. Distortion frequency is solved.

We keep digging higher and higher. We converted most AIs; the upper levels thus disabled most of the AIs. There are still some AI problems, but it’s mostly resolved. There might still be a system that sends commands to the elite plugged into it.

We also made progress with the jab mRNA, it seems to be mostly solved! You will need to do DNA restoration work before doing any DNA upgrades.

The Orion colony on Saturn is in extremely bad shape and has the same mRNA problem, but a different systems. There are about 21 different mRNA technologies being used, 3 on Earth, and over a hundred in experimental stage. We solved 3 of those systems so far. It’s a problem that affects every planet. You should be seeing behavioral changes.

You can certainly send donations as a token of appreciation!

There are more layers of complicated problems that we keep peeling through. When will it calm down?

We also did some work on Sadhguru. He’s a consciousness farmer, creating trillions of copies of himself and inserting his program into everyone following him. Abraham Hicks does something similar. Those are very convenient for the Harvesters and all those aggregator entities got turned into AI puppets.

As those grids clear up, the spiritual communities will need a good 6 months to “sober up”. During that time, it’s best to not push them. It’s not the right time to do a viral campaign. I was planning to do an interview series explaining everything from the start, but it’s not the right time yet. You can’t talk about self-actualization to people who are having a hang-over and don’t even know where is up and where is down. You should be seeing people gradually sobering up from the false light matrices and mind control.

For now, I’ll focus on God & Money Readings and Soul Alignment Readings. I edited my website to remove a bunch of services that are no longer offered.

Moving forward at God’s pace!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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