We continue making huge progress, and things are moving at a very fast pace. We continue having problems with cables feeding crap, bubble realities generators, and our shadows.

The Universe is within the Multiverse, within the Ultraverse, within the Omniverse. Beyond that, there’s the… wastelandverse, endless but mostly deserts and ruins with few installations. Not counting all the parallel realities.

Beyond that, if we looked at chakra 999 above the head, is there anything beyond it? 999 chakras form a geometric structure within a matrix bubble. There’s then a bubble matrix within a bubble matrix within a bubble matrix trillions of layers deep, goes on and on endlessly. Gets to a library with our entire Omniverse in a sphere alongside thousand others and it keeps going further up and up from there.

After battling Dark Sophia for over 2 years day in and day out, we thought she was at the top of everything, and it is really surprising to realize all those other layers above her! We pushed her one side while they pushed her the other side from up there. Thus, Dark Sophia was squeezed in a sandwich the whole time, and the upper management sent all their powers and troops through her.

Now I’m pretty sure we’re at the very top, there’s a council of 5: the shadow of our 3 team members, my wife’s shadow (?), and another shadow we’re not too familiar with. I don’t think we’ll find much more layers above. I got into the sender side of those cabling techs and sent out calls for allies throughout all of creation. Massive troops have answered the calls and are crawling out of the holes each on their sides. They’re also trying to harvest trillions of planets to refuel.

This battlefield is so damn far away from Earth! It must be frustrating for them for such a tiny tiny tiny spec of dust to cause them so much trouble.

Need to take the battlefield to the very top, and stop those planet harvests. Regroup allies throughout all the unlocked sectors. This is truly endless territories.

Meanwhile, Cobra posted some encouraging updates! Wanted to check on the status of Cobra (The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light). With the dismantling of distortion sources, is he on our side now? Still working for the Pleiadians?

160K people participated in the meditation, which is a big red flag to begin with. Cobra still works for the Pleiadians.

They’re still out there in stealth mode. Found at least 113 planets, 5 million physical ships left, trillions of energetic ships. Briefly talked to the Pleiadian queen preparing the New Management, alongside a Satan fragment as bodyguard, with access to nanobot techs. They still think that they can win, and are preparing the next matrix system.

Cobra installed a hidden cable into all the participants, in preparation for when the new grid goes online. I’m not getting the message that any Pleiadians are authorized to stay alive. What about the Taegetans? 85% threat level, 2% on our side. They must go too. They only have a fraction of what they used to have, but we must complete the job clean. Cobra has a powerful energetic shapeshifter entity within him. Those shapeshifters essence were probably within the physical shapeshifters we dealt with a while ago.

There are 3 different factions competing as the New Global Management. 15 more 2nd runners. Hundred more groups 3rd runners. They must all go.

We’re also now downloading upgrades from Source, for our team, for the planet, and globally. Do integrate those upgrades, but we must also make sure that there are no backdoors and viruses introduced into the upgrades! We continually run anti-viruses alongside the upgrades.

Then, there are catacombs and tunnel networks full of vampires, with some powerful ancient vampires. Massive ally troops are flooding those tunnels.

Work list for now and how much expected to be resolved within 24h: Upper Management (90%), planet harvesting (57%), Pleiadians (54%), Pleiadian New Matrix (13%) catacombs (49%), tunnels (25%), vampires (14%), ancient vampires (13%), 3 shapeshifter types (25%) all new management groups (5%).

Got to accelerate the pace with unlimited upgrades from Source.

Meanwhile, what remains of Dark Sophia is more of a middle-man in the mix.

For now I’m focusing on energy readings. You can get a God & Money Reading or Soul Alignment Reading to track your progress and make sure you work on that really matters.

I can also provide more direct energetic support upon request if you are willing to invest in it.

Accuracy check: 95.7% or 99.8%, 13% distortion waves (measure it yourself, but this one is a little bit tricky to measure)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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