We are making very major progress in this war. We climbed the ladder to the very top and dismantled some very top grids. Looking the the remaining UBs (Uber-Bosses). Last night operations really screwed up their plans. Their teams of engineers were desperate to rebuild the grids before it ripples off into the physical.

Meanwhile, hardship levels remained. What else? The Pleiadians and Arcturians who survived are still all around us under deep cloak. They remained hidden right under our noses. They got cities overlays build right on top of our cities in parallel dimensions, to inject their plans into our reality.

They are working at 100mpg to push their agenda. Cloaked and working extremely hard, under the code-name “White Hats”.

The “White Hats” are 30% genuine military people, under control of the Pleiadians and Arcturians. It’s a total fraud.

Meanwhile, disclosure and spiritual communities are running en-masse for Arcturian Attunements to get chipped for $50, or Pleiadian Attunements to get injected corrupted consciousness. “White Hats” narratives are going viral.

It’s really an insult to our hard work. While we work so hard to save them, they go running straight to the wolves.

What the Pleiadians do really simple. They make people afraid from one side, offer themselves as saviors, and people flock to them. It works too well.

I asked God, are any Pleiadians or Arcturians authorized to live? I got none, they got their chance and trashed it. I’m fine with that.

To see past their cloaks, need to look from above. They got massive fleets running all over. Meanwhile they are being digested and eaten by hordes of demons. Can’t let any one escape.

They were desperate to get us to stop fighting, to integrate and collaborate, while they push their agenda at 100mpg. Peace & harmony while the Pleiadians take over. They want us to be good milk cows. No thanks, I’ll finish the job.

The scale of this war throughout the Omniverse is absolutely out of proportions, with the final battleground on Earth. Over trillions of races are attacking daily, with massive fleets and massive hordes, and big bosses. All to decide whether freedom of hearts will prevail over endless planet harvesting schemes. The outcome of this war ripples off throughout all Universes across creation, and the demons all flock here as their timelines and realities collapse in cascade.

You keep hearing about the tribunals, and battles to stop human trafficking and save the children. Is there anything genuine to it? Doesn’t seem like it, it’s all a front for the Pleiadian operations. To make them look like saviors while you wait like good cows.

They believe humans are stupid, and in many ways, they may be right. But, we got hearts and souls, a very rare quality throughout the Multiverses. Many are willing to put everything on the line to protect Earth. As for those “intelligent” species, they will be eliminated, nobody will miss them, and they will be quickly forgotten. Nobody misses a intestinal parasite and the same is true of them.

This is Sparta!!

As of right now, I’m detecting an amount of Pleiadians with 135 digits, and Arcturians with 179 digits. They are cloning them to rebuild their troops at full speed.

I don’t know what will happen after with the banking transitions and all that, but for now we got to eliminate the Pleiadians and Arcturians down to the very last one. No prisoners and no survivors. It’s important to do a clean job. We’ll see what unfolds after. We got to kill the source of their NWO agenda.

Are you with me?

In the past few days, I did a complete delete on Carlos Slim, Georges Soros, various ancient vampires, and many UBs. My soul deletion techniques are getting top-notch, doing them one by one and wipe it clean. Who is next?

We’re expecting a catastrophic cascade collapse of corruption grids within a few days.

Btw since we don’t have 500 sheep paying $47 each for an Arcturian Chip Implant Activation, donations are welcomed.

Accuracy check: 99.81%, distortion 0.31% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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