There has been pretty wild things happening lately. Energetic attacks have been increasing exponentially blocking my whole business. My bank account processing is blocked and I cannot access any funds at all until the credit card processing account gets re-activated, which delayed for 2 months. The Natural Grounding Player I uploaded on Source Forge got deleted within 2 days, and they haven’t given me any answer after 5 days. I’m re-uploading it on GitHub. Also the setup now fails because one server changed their configuration. All seemingly unrelated circumstances blocking like that are a direct consequence of the energetic war that has been raging on. It’s time to put an end to this war.

I went to see the movie Little Boy which was very inspiring. It is the story of a little boy who wanted his father to come back from World War 2. He was told that with faith the size of a mustard’s seed, he could move mountains, and he took it seriously. He moved mountains, ended the war and saw his father back.

We’re in the transitional phase of a new reality that is emerging on Earth, although it has been evolving much slower than anyone would have liked. I would estimate that about 40% are aware of the Illuminati control over the planet and are afraid of it, 50% still bury their head in the sand, and 10% look at the truth without fear. If we wait for the population to wake up, we won’t get anywhere. It only takes a single person with faith the size of a mustard’s seed for the transition to happen.

With the summer solstice that GREATLY amplifies any energy work, and 3 philosopher’s stones, I’m doing everything I can to end this war. And a LOT is happening. The more you know, the weirder the story gets. I know the information I will share here will be a lot to take in, but I’m being asked to share everything I know.

First, I came onto this page that explains where the planetary implants structure comes from. If you’ve done any Alchemy work with me, the very first thing we do is to clear implants as these implants influence and control your mind, yet the more you step out of that mind control structure, the more these implants try to attack you back. This article also explains why we are all born with several implants. I went into a meditation to see this energetic structure on my own. Basically there were 38 stations build across the solar system that served as energy capacitors that would capture and condense cosmic energy to fuel the implants grid of our planet. Since it enforces a network of implants over our minds, we could call this a mind quarantine grid. It prevents us from connecting with our divine nature and spiritual powers. If you try to connect with those, it will attack you. These 38 stations were physical installations. Doing any energy healing work on them only discharges its energy, and they also had batteries that discharge like a bomb to counter any threat.

Before going any further, it’s not about USA vs Russia or about International Monetary Fund vs BRICS. The BRICS countries are playing a transitional role but the real game is being played outside of our atmosphere. There are two main alien races being involved right now. The Dracos who control the Illuminatis, who look like reptilians, are getting beaten up pretty badly. Meanwhile, the Avians, another alien race whose heads look like birds, are helping us bring order into our solar system.

The Avians liberated many other colonies across the solar system but left those protected by the network of 38 stations I talked about. An energetic discharge from these installations first paralyses the mind, then paralyses the body, and if you survive, it will cause any operation to fail, or lead to self-sabotage or turning side. They could destroy the stations physically but couldn’t deal with its energy. I can deal with the energy of the stations, but any healing is temporary as it keeps recharging itself and they needed to be physically destroyed. By building an energetic immunity around me, I could do healing on those stations, cause them to discharge their bomb on me, take the hit, and this allowed the Avians to go on and destroy the stations. This was done a few days ago and my energy has been GREATLY expanding.

I still felt massive energetic structures blocking my energy. There appears to be 14 stations build on Earth to fuel energy into this mind quarantine grid that are build on the intersection points of the ley lines of the Earth. Any healing work on those only provides a temporary effect, and the Avians cannot intervene here. One is build under the Great Pyramid of Egypt while the 13 others are in military bases build on these intersections of ley lines. So here’s an idea: shifting the planetary grid. I connected with Gaia and asked her to shift its grid (yes, our planet is alive). She’s currently shifting her whole energy grid by a few kilometers, leaving all the stations in inert energy zones. Those stations don’t do anything if not build at the right spots. This does the job.

With this, my energy has been expanding tremendously and the barriers I had been bumping against are down. My 3 philosopher’s stones are now rock solid.

Meanwhile, as if this wasn’t enough, David Wilcock disclosed a lot of new information about the Secret Space Programs.

And on June 20th, one of his trusted insiders had a tour of one of the hidden colonies on Mars! This sure sounds like science fiction, but I’ve known David Wilcock long enough to know he verifies and counter-verifies all of his information and sources of information, and if he trusts a source, I can trust it as well. Apparently the station they visited on Mars does commerce with over 900 other civilizations.

One of the things David Wilcock mentioned is that the Dracos feed on fear and cannot live without it. That is why it is so important for them to feed fear on Earth. Because they cannot prevent disclosure, they will try to disclose information themselves to try to get people afraid of them. It seems to be working for many. But if you’re aware of their strategies, it nullifies its effect on you. So if they cannot live without feeding from fear, just like we cannot live without oxygen… why not use energy healing to transmute any fear before they feed from it? If you know how to do any energy healing, you can focus in your mind on the Dracos, and visualize a protective bubble of love around them that transmutes any fear before it gets to them. That’s the equivalent of cutting the oxygen supply for a human. I started doing it and they hated it. They’ll thank me later.

Remember. You can’t wait for the population to wake up. It takes only a single person with faith the size of a mustard’s seed for the transition to happen. And the more you know, the weirder things will get.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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