My friend Alobar Jones released a video explaining the Pleiadian situation, and the information we got from various independent sources.

The question is framed in a diplomatic way, but things have seriously escalated.

They had created timelines where they achieved their goal. Those versions of Earth are mostly populated by Pleiadians and Reptoids, with 12% humans that look like animals with no education.

They made it their main stronghold; meaning that their reality is even stronger than ours, and when timelines collide and merge, the strongest reality wins.

They’re trying to erode our realities while we sleep.

I finally managed to close all their petland timelines.

During the night, they recreated new petland timelines and severely attacked me in the lower stomach. They attacked many people to weaken our realities.

Here’s the thing. They do not need to gain control over us here. They already have the timelines that they want. All they need is to weaken our realities enough so that their reality prevails in the merges. Last night they tried to close our timelines just as I closed theirs.

They also were chasing after Grey and Zeta bases. The truth is that we’ve been needing them over what we went through. They’re trying to eliminate competition, and that’s also helping us.

We’re giving the Pleiadians 3 options: life up the message of their propaganda, withdraw peacefully, or get wiped out.

On a sidenote, I got new Pleiadian Taegetan allies. There was this multi-dimensional traveler creature who kept writing our names in small on the walls, in this house and the previous in Mexico, for the past 6 years. About a 1.5 feet tall. It turns out that it was a Taegetan small girl who had been cursed by the witches! She had been trying to get my attention for help all those years.

She was hanging in astral form in my kitchen. I lifted the curse, and a Taegetan ship was hovering above my house with her parents. It’s a good timing to find new Pleiadian allies. They’re part of the Earth Indoctrination Team (EIT).

Finally, here’s some interesting information for you about Jesus.

The whole Jesus story was 80% a Pleiadian PR campaign; so is the Bible.

Jesus was fully surrounded by Sophia, Thoth and the Pleiadians from birth to death. His mother was a Sophia fragment, and his bride a Sophia oracle. Thoth had control over Jerusalem when Jesus showed up, and took his place when Jesus “resurrected”.

“Ascension” is also something made up by the Pleiadians. If we’re not going through “ascension” as it has been described to us, what are we really going through?

**head twisting**

And his virgin mom got magically pregnant? Jesus was designed in a laboratory.

Since Jesus was one of my soul fragments, I can access some of its memories. I can see memories of being grown in a glass tank, but cannot access any memories whatsoever after resurrection.

The Pleiadians are the ones pushing the Second Coming narrative, as a tool to establish their New Order.

Accuracy check: 100.0% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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