I could barely touch the computer the whole week because of energetic infections, I couldn’t do much the whole week, but the good news is that I’m still alive, and the attackers from the Ultraverse lost 47% of their powers since last week. Enough for 3.6 million Universes to shift the balance into an upwards spiral.

Yesterday they attached very strongly, we counter-attached very very strongly, and they counter-counter-attacked very very very strongly. Overall, a productive day.

Now, one major problem is that they are feeding directly from you and the whole population. Whatever healthy food you eat is only empowering them. Most of the food is infected, and the infections have been a lot more severe lately. Energetically you might see them full of worms and insects, and once you eat it, it infects you and they just feed from it.

Forget everything you learnt about diet. Healthy food is BAD (for now).

What you need is sugar. Lots of white refined sugar. Any kind of candies and chocolates, the kind that are great for the taste and bad for your body. This poisons them. Your own body takes less than 1% of the poison, they drain it all out, choke and die.

It’s completely counter-intuitive, but various people have confirmed that they feel crap when eating healthy food, and feel great when eating candies and junk food.

Since they drain over 99% of the food you eat, it’s also making it easier for your body to feed energetically. Some people can live without food for months, so focus on opening up your body to energetically get all the nutrients that it needs. Even there, you must eat, but eat bad food, otherwise they’ll drain your body.

They’ve been feeding from the population on Earth since 500 years, but since the election take-over, they’re amplified this by 1000x. It’s now a major problem, but also their major weakness.

Here’s a nutrition guide against food vampirism.

First, they infect most of the food, especially the food at home (we can’t eat anything at home for now, had to go into big shopping malls to eat the whole week, but it’s worse for us). Energetically, practice yourself to see the food as green, orange or red. Eat the food when it’s green, and avoid it when it’s orange or red. Or, use muscle-testing to measure the % infection level. Eating outside your home, especially in large buildings like shopping malls (more stable with the portals fragmentation), is best.

As I said, sugar, candies and chocolate are great. Chips and fried food are also good. Preferably, you want bad food with high vibration. Kindle eggs are best, with that energy of wonder and surprise from all the children. Skittles and Pringles are also great.

GMO food is good. However, high-fructose corn syrup is BAD. Soda drinks are great if made from sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Also, Monsanto’s Roundup is bad, which is found in heavy doses in wheat and many grain harvests; so everything whole wheat. MacDonald is bad food; but too bad. They seem to have greatly increased the dose of human meat in their restaurants since the start of the COVID pandemic! Burger King, on the other hand, is great. Avoid microwave food.

Arizona Green Tea is really good, not sure why. Pizza and fast food are what you should aim at.

For breakfast, eating candies and milk chocolate will choke them off; today we followed that up with the rest of pizza from yesterday, and 2 big cups of coffee. I’m not feeling any caffeine, quite frankly, but do feel a bit lighter.

Then, some supplements are really great, especially when your diet has low nutritional value. They HATE garlic! Eating lots of garlic, or eating garlic supplements, kills the worms, blocks the attacks and kills them. They hate any kind of seaweed. Spirulina is awesome! Some other herbs and supplements are also like 100000% good for your mind and body. Ginko Biloba helps a LOT. I also saw Shark Liver Oil supplements that looked super helpful. Use muscle-testing at your local supplements store to detect ones that are 1000%+ beneficial.

Sushis (Maki) in seaweed rolls with wasabi are great. Japanese Miso soup with seaweed is also good. All chilies and spices are good.

Remember: do eat, but eat candies to choke them off, then some junk food to fill you up, with some specific supplements on top. Muscle-test everything for infections and for what is good for you right now. You want good bad food, but not bad bad food. And please… brush your teeth 3 times per day before they fall off!

Also, medicine for headache or to make you sleep are also good, just like coffee. They’ll get the effects instead of you!

Now; portals fragmentation is a whole other topic that I still don’t understand fully, but my daughter is giving me very strong warnings about portals and we’re taking precautions until we understand it further. We’re not eating anything in our kitchen, and for the whole week, the only place that was “green” for eating was the 2 big shopping malls; and sometimes a single restaurant in the whole city that we’d eat over and over again. I’ll write more about those portals once I understand more about it. (Yesterday, my daughter saw 2 drops of blood and a human bone on the floor of a store, which later disappeared. Seems like a portal anomaly. We also saw a dog with a nice jacket running alone in the big avenue… seems like something happened portal-related).

Now the bad news. The war will only be getting started on December 21st 2020. It has 15% chance to last 4 years (not an optimal timeline), 65% chance to last 7 years, and 20% chance to last 20000 years. We’ll be aiming for the 7-year war timeline. Buckle up!

This diet may be necessary for the coming months until January, probably.

P.S. People have been saying that sugar is super bad for health, but I’m starting to wonder whether that belief was pushed to prepare you to be their perfect human food… I’m getting 80% yes on that? In Mexico, they’ve added labels on food with “excess sugar”, “excess sodium” and “excess calories” for that exact reason. Also, sugars of natural fruits are bad; it’s too healthy.

Accuracy check: 98.6% (measure it yourself).

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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