Thank you for those who took the time to fill out the God & Money survey. Unfortunately, Survey Monkey only lets me see the 10 first responses. It is no longer a viable survey tool, and I will have to use Google Forms next time. I replied to the 10 first people who filled the survey. Fortunately, I got enough information to have a good idea of the overall situation.

First, it’s very interesting to observe that people are very well distributed in age from 25-65, but very few above or below that, 50% men and 50% women. Super even distribution.

Second, income isn’t as bad as I thought for most; but they cannot keep it. Particularly with the inflation and all that.

Third, the situations during 2020-2023 are wildly varied. Everyone went through a different path.

Fourth… although most of my tribe did not get the jab, there are very few people who are not living with a jabbed person.

This means that the jab situation will have to be dealt with one way or another.

Plus the financial chaos is descending upon USA, that also needs to be dealt with. This add 2 big layers of “wildcard” complications in applying the God & Money system.

Overall, the readiness for the God & Money system is pretty low except for a few people. An excellent question that came back is: how to increase readiness?

The first part is obvious, joining Project Varanasi and getting in our daily clearing list.

Then, I’ll just share the main issues getting on my mind.

First, although corruption levels have gone down drastically in certain environments, we haven’t yet been able to break fully through the jab mind-control grid, or neutralize its health effects. We’re making steady progress but that’s slow continual work. This can add a whole layer of complexity; and most people live with jabbed people.

Second, the more people live in your house, the harder it is to shift the collectively-created reality. It’s very important to “own” the space you live in. If you live with your parents, you’d have to impose a change upon them; or move out. If you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend and kids, then as long as the partner isn’t too toxic or corrupted, it should go fine but better do the work on both partners to shift the reality.

Third, the economic bottleneck and neurolink agendas are still moving forward, going in direct opposition to what we want to create. As we gain momentum, they will activate their agents on us directly.

Fourth, as you reach the higher circles of influence in the world, most world leaders had been replaced by shapeshifters in 2020-2021. We killed the shapeshifters, which left empty vessels to be taken by other groups. If you get into the highly-successful circle, you’ll bump into that a lot.

Fifth, there’s a lot of chaos coming, and many people have to go through that as part of their path. Can’t lead everyone through the upper mountain road; only those for who it’s part of their destiny.

To increase readiness, here’s a great resource: I just saw that Sedona Method released a movie, and it is excellent. I’m curious as to how effective it has been with all the craziness, with the jabs and all that. I will investigate this further.

Then, the next question is how to make the God & Money system more accessible. Readiness has to be increased on both sides.

Overall, what I’m noting is that the majority had some decent income that got outweighed by expenses and responsibilities. If I can “see” the system working to turn your situation around, and can make you “see” it, then many of you cannot afford to not do that.

Remains big challenges to solve as I go back to the drawing board. I’ll probably send another survey later on (with Google Forms to have access to your answers). Let’s see if the God & Money system itself can clear the path to a solution for all this!

P.S. It’s been 3 resources I’ve given you: Project Varanasi, our daily clearing list, and the Sedona Method movie. Start there.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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