Do you want to restore your free will?

Following the report about the Golden Order, how 36 civilizations on Earth got harvested before us, and how everyone is getting attacked, infiltrated, and corrupted by AIs and demons, the first step is to recover our free will.

Who is this for? Non-jabbed people who don't want to be part of the hordes of AI-driven zombies walking in the street.

What is it? A team of 15 monks sending healing for you 5 hours daily, plus clearing your field in bulk with auto-bombing systems 24/7 that me and my team designed.

Our De-Zombification Program

I know that you want to improve your health, relationships, and finances, in a way that is in harmony with God. The first step is to reduce your corruption levels to increase your free will and open the path forward.

I know that "reducing your corruption levels" is a hard sell for many, considering that people get the jab, get that euphoric feeling, and tell everyone how it's the best thing in the world. Or, considering many entrepreneurs or coaches who had been struggling for years, start serving Satan and/or her Sophianic Queen, and finally get success and wealth. At great cost.

We face astral warfare of proportions never seen before that put all ancient biblical wars to shame. We're winning this war, but the storms are far from over.

Continual energetic support is essential to weaken the attacks, recover your free will, and get more in the flow of God. You may need more depending on your situation and what you want to achieve, and this support is essential before adding anything else.


1. Project Varanasi

We have a team of 15 monks at Lord Shiva Temple in Varanasi, India, who meditate 5 hours every day to stabilize our group.

While I'm strong with fire and lightning, they use strong calming water that is perfect to cleanse, stabilize, rejuvenate, and get more in the flow.

They send video recordings of the meditations every day so that you can use them to meditate on your own. They meditate every day from 5 am until 10 am India time if you want to meditate and join their group energy.

To join the Varanasi support group, a donation of $100 per month per person is recommended, or $200 for your whole family. The minimum is $50, and those who donate $100 receive 6-12x more benefits. Energy exchange is very important. If you can't send $100, you can send $50 and upgrade when you can.

A lot of people in the spiritual community throw a tremendous amount of garbage money beliefs at the idea of paying... 75¢ per hour per monk. There's this idea that spirituality and healing cannot be professions. In the future, I will do some work to change the spiritual money paradigms and improve financial realities.

Meanwhile, if you cannot spend 75¢ per monk per hour, I certainly will not work at that price, and there's nothing I can do for you.

The monks provide, by far, the best value you can get for the money right now in terms of spiritual healing to get more in the flow of God. I'm focusing my healing work on the collective that we're creating, and only work on clients who receive this support. The reason is simple: replacing their work to deal with all the energetic crap around you is way too much work for me alone.

There is nearly a thousand monks at the temple, and they have proven their robustness.

To join Project Varanasi, contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at He's the lead Vedic monk.

  • I am very grateful to have Etienne introducing the Monks to assist us all. So far it is making a difference with positive impact as my energy fields feels cleaner and lighter with also repeating the mantras or even just humming to it with gratitude, on top of my own energy clearing and cleanse tools I use.

    I don't feel as affected by other people's negativity or none at all, especially at workplaces as I use shielding, and connect with high vibration aquatic families and calming royal blue Sirian protection myself and incorporate them with the Varanasi Monk's water energy.

    Also learnt to adjust, upgrade and be fluid with energy and movements of the water element and the rest when called either in my head virtually or doing them with my voice vibration as light language and physically to move the energies. The Monks also teaches us discipline, consistency and to let go and allow God when you find you don't (yet) have an answer to something.

    Have trust, faith and love in God's grace.
    – Kerry (UK)


2. Auto-Bombing Systems

I get no money from the Varanasi monks' support, but once you get their support, I can provide a second level of support: bulk-clearing of your field daily.

To deal with the threats we face, my team designed psychic bombs of Light of proportions that are hard to imagine. They can destroy trillions of dark Universes in a single blast, and we keep upgrading them every few days. They are designed not to harm sentient beings.

We also designed auto-bombing systems to throw these bombs 24/7 on auto-pilot. We have at least three different automated bombing systems running continually. It's particularly useful to be able to sleep safely. Those systems throw trillions of auto-calibrated bombs per seconds.

On top of the automatic bulk clearings, we do manual rounds of bombing daily to bring the targets down. We got a long list of people under our watch, we count how many targets need to be cleared for each person, and we hammer them to the ground.

There are two ways to get on that daily clearing list. For $1000, I will add you to our cleaning list for as long as we run this clearing list, and I'm flexible with payments. Or, if you're a threat or a major pit of hell, you'll be on our list for free. Satanists, Sophianists, AI prophets, and world leaders are on that list of course. More importantly, our whole families for our whole team are tracked daily on that list. We're on the hunt for the largest pits of darkness, and it just keeps coming.

To give you an idea of the scale of our work, trillions of targets around someone are pretty good. It's often digits with trillions of digits. "5 XX" means digits with digits with digits... repeated an amount of times that has digits with digits with digits with digits with digits. "5 XXXXX" is a pretty big pit of darkness. We often deal with "1.3 trillion Xes", which means 'X' repeated 1.3 trillion times, or even "5 billion digits Xes". The work we do has astronomical proportions. It's a lot of daily work.

To add your name to our daily cleaning list, send me a message by email or Facebook, along with $1000, or part of it and the rest later. Send your payment here. You can enter any amount you want.


Life Guarantee
If you die or get harvested by aliens, we'll get revenge for you and blow them to dust until they get the message: slavery and abductions will not be tolerated on Earth.


How We Measure Corruption Levels

You might wonder how we measure our progress. First, by counting the amount of targets to clear in your field. We measure it in the same way we can measure vibrations on the Hawkins scale, or measure the accuracy of information, with techniques described here. I'm working on a full book to explain the methodology called The Astral Investigator that will be released when the time is right. We're pretty overwhelmed with work for now.

Then, the real progress is measured by looking at your corruption levels. I define corruption as energies below -1000 on the Hawkins scale, or from an external parasitical entity. There are various layers of consciousness, and they can hijack any one of those levels. We measure on the non-conscious, subconscious, conscious, super-conscious, ultra-conscious and 4 more levels above that. You can imagine a mirror in the ground, with the same 9 levels up-side-down below ground.

As of writing this, my team stands below 5% corruption, although it can peak higher at any time, and we worked for many months to bring it below 35% on all levels. It has gone down massively across the board, but many remain at 35% or 55% corruption, and many peaked at 98%+ corruption levels. These are the ones you notice as walking zombies.

A typical corruption reading looks like this: [95.4%, 95.5%, 95.3%, 94.2%, 95.6%], 35.4%, *35.5%*, 35.6%, 35.8% / 55.6%, 55.8%, 55.9%, 60.7%, 60.8%, 60.9%, 61.4%, 61.5%, 61.6%.

The most important number is the conscious layer, identified by *. The person can be saved as long as the conscious mind remains in the right direction. Then, the high-up dimensions marked with [] are very often hijacked, which can completely mess up your intuition and muscle testing. These high-up layers are also what cause crystal corruption problems. Then, the numbers below ground, after /, relate more to what you are creating in the grounded physical reality.

With this system, we keep good track of corruption across the various planes, and we're able to act before infections spread.

As you join our daily bulk-clearing list, I will measure your corruption levels and amount of targets to clear around you right now. Keep in mind that these numbers keep going up and down all the time, and it requires dedicated efforts and continual support to keep corruption low. Restoring our free will and saving our planet is worth it.


Are You In?

1. To join Project Varanasi, contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at He's the lead Vedic monk.

2. To add your name to our daily cleaning list, send me a message by email or Facebook, along with $1000, or part of it and the rest later. Send your payment here. You can enter any amount you want.

As a final note, these are not money-generating activities for me and my family. It's a tremendous amount of work that we have to do one way or another.


What's Next?

I do have something else coming up, the God & Money System. I launched it back in 2020, 50 people signed up, and many saw results showing quickly -- then all hell broke loose and we all know what unfolded after.

Considering the high interest in that program, it may be the direction that my business will eventually specialize in.

The system does work, and there are really big obstacles getting in the way of its application. I will have to re-launch this soon. It's about manifesting your goals, including financial goals, in a way that is in full alignment with God. If you put God first, money second, and everything else after, everything falls into place.

Now, this will require us to build a whole new financial energetic grid. This goes in direct opposition to the Golden Order, and the World Economic Forum will try to build a whole new slavery financial grid at the same time. The system was known to generate results, and also generate a lot of chaos. On top of that, we can expect a lot of opposition, and there's major chaos ahead at a global level.

Considering that, I do not think that I can handle more than 20 people through that program for this round. I will also need a team of heavy cannon cleaners behind me as it will be way too much energetic weight for me. I'll need $8K to cover the Varanasi monks for 20 people for 3 months and $4K for one solid team member to work behind the scene. It will have to be somewhere between $2K and $5K per person. The details are yet to be decided. If you're interested and want to reserve a spot, message me to let me know. I'll have to pick people carefully for that program.

Also, we had problems in the past with Cabal agents and impostors joining programs to collect information and sabotage. The auto-nuking systems should take care of them -- along with their overlords.


Life Guarantee
If you die or get harvested by aliens, we'll get revenge for you and blow them to dust until they get the message: slavery and abductions will not be tolerated on Earth.


To your spiritual freedom