From now on, you will get a powerful new bonus with the Energy Tune-Up: Your Wish is Your Command 14 CD training from Kevin Trudeau. It is one of the very few programs out there I can fully endorse and that doesn’t conflict with the high-level stuff I’m teaching. He doesn’t cover what we’re doing with Alchemy and Entertain Success, but he is teaching very precise, accurate and powerful knowledge about the Law of Attraction that is a perfect complement to the things you’re getting from me.

Kevin Trudeau is a billionaire surrounded by people earning in the hundreds of millions and in the billions and his knowledge comes from the elite secret societies. The reason he and many of his colleges left these secret societies is because most other members are trying to control the planet and leech off human labor, while he would rather fight for freedom. He’s also in an on-going battle with the US government and fighting for freedom of speech. He has been fined 37 million dollars by the US government for selling on TV his book  The Weight-Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Fighting for collective freedom has a price. Now, ABC News is preparing a documentary to talk about Kevin Trudeau on national television, and although they will try to portray him in a negative way, the truth will show up and any publicity, whether good or bad, will be to his advantage. From what I have seen so far, I have to say that what Kevin teaches is 100% accurate and he has a very high level of integrity. He is about to go on national television. You can’t buy that kind of publicity for 37 million $! As he says, every negative situation carries equal or greater opportunity.

He’s definitely aligned with the direction I’m going myself as a programmer, which is about helping people reprogram their minds and helping reprogram new systems in society that are in harmony with the new divine energies.

Here’s what one client has to say about it so far.

“WOW!  Thank you so very much for the bonus.  I’m already up to CD 5 and loving every nanosecond of it and plan to listen to it countless times” – Paul (USA)

You can get Your Wish is Your Command right now as a bonus with the Energy Tune-Up. I also added two other powerful bonuses. The Energy Tune-Up is really a huge package to get you started in a big way. For serious people only.

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Also, I’m preparing the content for the next teleconference which will be hosted next Saturday. It will be VERY deep and impactful. Not for the faint of heart, and something you definitely do not want to miss. It will connect many dots with the work I have been doing in the last few years.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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