I flied from Bangkok all the way to San Diego at the beginning of this month for Max Simon’s event What’s Working Now Live. There’s a lot to say about this, and after my 33-hour flight back from the event, I had to take some time off to put my thoughts back together and digest all the new information. This event is unlike anything else I’ve seen. I learned as much from how it was done than from what was actually shared.

The first thing that totally blew my mind is that the room was filled with over 200 people who are very spiritually conscious and who understand, value and respect the feminine energy. These people are very rare and he managed to get them all together in the same room, which was a very powerful experience in and of itself. Just realizing we’re not “alone against society” and connecting with other like-minded people is a huge catalyst to show we are in the right direction and to propel us forward. I wrote an article a while ago saying that out of all the coaches and healers I know in Canada and United States, I could count those who have their femininity stronger than their masculinity on one hand. After this event, I’ll have to get a few more hands to count! I really met some fabulous people. Also, most people I know who are in alignment with what I do are really struggling with money. It’s refreshing and inspiring to finally see some people who are in alignment and who are very successful!

The second thing I got from it is understanding how to build a business based on the feminine model of attraction, connection, flow and purpose. Max Simon was leading the event with Jeffrey Van Dyk, who specializes in finding your true voice, connecting it to a large tribe and building a business around it. That’s very different from building a business for money and then trying to fit your voice in. I learned a lot both from the content that was shared and from the way the event was organized. In terms of content, we learned how to run promotional campaigns on auto-pilot and how to get high-level partners for joint ventures. Very high-level stuff I’m not ready for yet as I’m still working on the foundation. This is an approach to business that is aligned with the approach I shared in Sexual Magnetism Blueprint a few years ago. I always had a hard time translating that approach of connection and attraction into business in order to get results, and now I know how to fill the missing pieces.

Then, this was an intense transformational experience. Besides the Self-Awakening and Transformation events I’ve been hosting, this is the only event I’ve seen where the content is so deep and cutting-edge that even the hosts go through a massive transformation. There are lots of unusual dynamics that happen in my events that also happened at this event. It’s great to experience being on the receiving end of it to see how it is for you guys. I have to say, I was totally overwhelmed by the intense transformation and all the new information, so much that I took me 18 days after the event to write this review. We’ve done a lot of work to reconnect with the true reason why we’re doing what we’re doing, and to reach a much deeper level of presence and authenticity. There was such a level of presence that these 3 days at the event seriously felt like 2 weeks. That’s a very interesting difference with my events where time just flies by, and I’m not yet sure why time stretches at his event and shrinks at my event.

One of the things I got from this event is realizing that what I thought I was doing really wasn’t at the level of what I’m actually doing. I was in that zone of not knowing anymore what it is that I do. Being a programmer and an alchemist, I like to figure things out quickly. In this case, I learned to be OK in that zone of not knowing and to just stay in that open space, knowing that the deeper answers emerge from standing in that open space without trying to figure it out. I’m still not clear about what it is that I do, but after spending 11 days at the beaches and islands in the South of Thailand to meditate on all that, I have much more clarity. I got profound breakthroughs every single day ever since the event and I keep deepening and deepening my answers. There’s still some work to do there and I’m definitely on the right track.

The other thing that totally blew my mind is that I would estimate over 25% of the room signed up for their higher end year-long $10000 coaching program right away, the Enlightened Entrepreneur Club, including me. That’s over half a million dollars for them right there on the spot. That’s what happens when the alignment and connection is there. The reason I joined is because my excuses for not joining were total bullshit. I realized that if I’m struggling so much to find the alignment with my message and tribe below me, then perhaps I should get the proper alignment with my support, mentors and environment.

This was an extremely powerful event. Each of us in the room have massive transformational value to offer the world and each of us can have a massive impact in the world. This new movement is starting to get organized and this is just the beginning. When each one of us in the Enlightened Entrepreneur Club will bring our message out to the world in a big way, this will not have a rippling wave effect, this will have an earthquake effect.

Also, Oprah just had a TV show where she interviewed the next generation of spiritual thinkers. This is also very powerful. You can get the replay of the full episode on her website. I like the feminine alignment of the women on this show.

Several of you guys sent me an email to do some coaching with me during that week. If you sent me an email, I’ll get back to you soon, and first I still have a few things to clarify and decide.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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