Back when I launched the God & Money Masterclass in early 2020, I talked about the financial veil that was completely blocking the flow of money for many people. It’s like hitting a solid wall. I would literally buy BitCoins and the market could crash in that instant, and there has been many such incidents.

I talked about the collision between the old Matrix and the new Divine Matrix, that are mixing like oil and water. Since then, the backbone of the old secular matrix has collapsed.

Some of you might be thinking: I’m just manifesting it, and that there are wealthy spiritual people out there.

Let’s take a fresh look here.

I was looking at all the spiritual money coaches and measuring these two questions using muscle-testing:

  1. What % grip has Lucifer over their inner financial center?
  2. What is their willingness to let it go?

When you have Luciferian entanglement, money will only flow in when you have conscious or non-conscious agreement with the Luciferian agenda.

I cannot find a single spiritual money coach that has less than 30% Luciferian entanglement and more than 10% willingness to let it go!

What about Bob Proctor? I like Bob Proctor. I really like him. I measure that Lucifer has 32.4% grip over his financial center, with 1.2% willingness to let it go. Bob Proctor consultants have on average 43.8% Luciferian grip with 0.5% willingness to let it go. Working with them would lead to an energetic collision.

David Neagle, 75.3% Luciferian grip, with 3.2% willingness to let it go.

Mind Valley… 95.8% Luciferian grip (!!), with 0.6% willingness to let it go.

My favorite business coach, I won’t name him. 14.2% Luciferian grip, with 1.3% willingness to let it go.

Elon Musk, 99.6% Luciferian grip, with 0.005% willingness to let it go.

Donald Trump, 13.8% Luciferian grip, with 5.3% willingness to let it go.

Let’s search “spiritual money coach” in Google.

Master Coach University has 93.8% Luciferian grip, with 0.3% willingness to let it go.

Karen McAllister has 35.8% Luciferian grip, with 0.2% willingness to let it go.

Tammy Lally has 75.3% Luciferian grip, with 0.1% willingness to let it go.

In general, the more they have, the lower is their willingness to let it go.

Kevin Trudeau: 4.6% Luciferian grip, with 95.8% willingness to let it go. Before going to jail, it was 15.3% Luciferian grip with 14.8% willingness to let it go.

This gives a fresh new look at everything. There’s a lot that could be said here, but… I won’t. Let’s just leave it as that.

You might ask: what is the Luciferian agenda?

Excellent question. Yet not so relevant.

If you just focus on the flow of God, what blocks it must get out of the way. The Luciferian grip is characterized by strong masculine control and a lack of Divine White Light.

The financial veil is still there, but it’s getting more naked. It could collapse at any moment.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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