Last week, I wrote about the option of migrating to Linux instead of Windows 11. One person already confirmed having made the switch to Korin OS. It’s going to double in popularity very soon, and jump to 15%+ popularity in about 3 years. What is really going to happen then?

Look at how centralized platforms like Facebook and YouTube have radicalized themselves lately, to have better control over the flow of information. Windows has remained pretty neutral in all this; as a data collection engine.

It’s however only a matter of time until Windows joins the party and radicalizes itself. Once they get desperate enough, you’ll see gradual changes in Windows, and you’ll have no control over how it updates itself and how your computer is going to behave.

Here’s what I see. For now, it’s only collecting data. Eventually, it’s going to assist you with your daily tasks using AI. From there, its AI engine is going to interfere into your daily work. For example, if you want to write an article that is not appropriate like this one, the AI will step in to suggest corrections and facts to help you change your mind. That’s where many will draw the line and jump ship.

With a 15%+ Linux market share, what will it look like for my subscribers and followers?

– Now: 2.1% Linux usage
– 1 year: 4.2%
– 2 years: 8.6%
– 3 years: 24.8%
– 4 years: 53.6%
– 5 years: 55.8%
– 10 years: 72.8%

MacOS will grow too but maybe with 50% growth.

My thought: if we’re going to migrate towards Linux anyway, why wait until the last minute?

Linux has grown and matured a lot in the past few years, and with the arrival of the Steam Deck console based on Linux, the Linux user-base is going to grow by several millions. Linux used to be bad for gaming, but Steam has done a lot of work to make 80% of Windows games run on Linux simply by clicking Install and Run (or do a few tweaks), and it will keep improving. Adding gaming support for all Windows games is a HUGE milestone for Linux.

Talking of which — if you’re going to purchase games for yourself or your kids, better purchase them on Steam. “Piracy” is not a thing on Linux, so if you want games to run, the easiest way is to purchase them on Steam and it will install with a click. Steam is really getting the edge over other online stores here.

Steam currently has an Automn sale with tons of top-tier games at 50-85% OFF! Last day for the promotion, expires Dec 1st 10AM PST. I just bought a few games at 85% off for later, after checking them for compatibility on ProtonDB.

I cannot yet install Linux on my daughter’s computer because Fortnite’s anti-cheat technology doesn’t yet work under Linux. I did however install it on my wife’s laptop. Do note that battery life will be lower with Linux than with Windows. It’s just a fact of life. I don’t know whether that will improve in the coming years.

After doing plenty of research, my 2 top distros of choice are Korin OS 16 for an Ubuntu-based system or Garuda for an Arch-based Linux. I’ll write another article to talk about them.

Switching OS isn’t easy, especially using Linux for non-tech-savvy people, but here are steps that you can take now:

1. Start using cross-platform software replacements, so that you don’t need to learn the OS and the new software at the same time

2. Start watching some videos about Linux, which will help you get used to it and help you avoid mistakes

3. Keep Linux compatibility in mind when purchasing new hardware or software

You can install Linux as dual-boot or in a virtual machine to play with it until you’re ready for a full switch. Windows doesn’t play nice with other OS and can break your dual-boot without notice, so eventually, we may have to switch to Linux with Windows under virtual machine to use things like Adobe Premiere.

As a note, Linux is widely used in the servers world but in terms of desktop environment, it’s a mess. This video explains the reality of the situation. Many companies (include Adobe) release software for Windows and MacOS; but targeting Linux is a major pain in the *ss. Hopefully that will keep improving in the coming years.

I’ll write more about my observations in regards to Korin OS and Garuda Linux.

On my side, I’m making great progress in porting my Powerliminals Player and 432hz Player to be cross-platform. The 432hz tuning is now working using cross-platform libraries and in fact gives better quality than before. Stay tuned for that!

One last thing. Here are various search engine alternatives to Google. Which one would you choose?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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