Most people consume a few of their favorite supplements. Is it actually helping you or wasting your time and money? How to find the right ones? The truth is, there’s a LOT of crap out there. There’s also some really good stuff. The challenge is to find them.

I’ve been working hard on the Supplements Efficiency List. I added a lot more companies to it, and tweaked the score calculation formulas. It’s getting to be a pretty comprehensive list!

I also will have a few more Hyper-C(oncentrated) extracts available. I had Hyper-C Cordyceps, Chaga and Reishi. I can also have Snow Fungus and Lion’s Mane. Snow Fungus is ranking incredibly well!

You can view where my various extracts rank here.

I also added the information about Moxa-6 Spagyric Tincture and the various other extracts.

Now, the first several orders are definitely taking longer to get ready. Everything has to pass through several hands. The Immunity oils leaked and have to be replaced; but she ran out of oil so need a week to prepare a new batch! We’ll be switching from 10ml to 14ml bottle format. Furthermore, shipping oils without labels is against the regulations so I must prepare labels for the Hyper-C oils. Once my processes are setup, then things can be mailed out much faster.

I also just realized something that is a bit ironic… so far I mostly sold Immunity Oil, Crown Chakra Oil and Cordyceps Hyper-C. Those are actually the 3 lowest in the benefits score list! Really got to try those other products.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Natural Cordyceps Oil and Reishi Hyper-C, but it cannot be shipped to Mexico. Shipping silver or gold to Mexico is strictly prohibited and shipping oils is strictly restricted, so that excludes Mexico from the business. I’ll get them in a few months.

On top of our extracts, you can also find some pretty good local products for various aspects of your health by looking through the Supplements Efficiency List. Digestive health is particularly important. I realized that one small local company here in Playa del Carmen, Mandala de Salud, has absolutely amazing products for digestive health! There are some pretty good hidden gems if you look for it.

Still, most people’s favorites rank pretty average in the list.

Those supplements can be of great help to get your health back on track. It’s important more than ever that you get healthy to stand up on your feet and thrive. Are you up for it?

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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