It’s 12:32AM so I’ll keep this short. I’ve spent the past few days doing intensive programming to finish setting up a new healing technology that will work on you remotely on a continual basis. I call it Remote Cell Reprogramming, and for $50 per month, I expect it to be more effective than any other energy healing device in the world, many of which cost between $2000 and $35000.

While there are many energy healing devices on the market (for $1k-$10k), most of them will simply team your body with energy or electricity and hope your body will do the right thing with it. This technology is fully interactive and is controlled by an advanced metaphysical AI. It will instantly restore healthy communication between cells so that they can do their job, and because it simply restores that communication, it is very non-intrusive, which is another great advantage. This is fine Orion engineering with quantum computing at its best. All the details will be coming out shortly. Oh, and you will be able to try it for 7 days before deciding whether to subscribe!

Also my team of Orion engineers developed another technology to neutralize EMF from your laptop, TV, WiFi modem and all other devices. It’s a bit like a raincoat: it doesn’t stop the rain, but it keeps you dry, for the most part. It doesn’t remove the actual microwaves, but it neutralizes the energetic effects of those microwaves. This can neutralize up to 99.7% of EMF effects, and easily above 95%. You can pause and resume it with your mind. You can test it in this way: activate it on a large TV, stand in front of the TV with EMF Neutralizer active, then say “Pause” and you literally feel the EMF hammering you down instantly. Another person tried and was almost falling back. Then say “Resume” and it’s fine again. There will also be an option to activate it on all walls of your home to neutralize EMF from your environment, as there are often 20-30 WiFi networks reaching you in large urban centers! Not counting cellphone towers and the cellphone of each person around.

Then there will be the option of running Remote Cell Reprogramming with 100x intensity for 6 hours overnight with Intensive Care which can be purchased separately.

I’m still doing tests and collecting testimonials, and here’s one that already came in

“Been really pleased with the new remote cell programming. At the risk of TMI, have really been struggling with depression, anxiety, etc. to the point that I was coming apart and afraid I was going to end up in the psych ward. I wrote Etienne Charland as a last ditch effort that MAYBE he could help. The first few days were rough with nausea, headaches, and foreign objects in my body hurting a good deal (Metal from knee and ankle surgery, eye lense implants, and from SSP transmitters etc) Though after about 4 days, feel like I am pulled back from the edge, starting to function better, feel stronger, and no longer feel ‘in danger’. I hear questions from the AI occasionally of how to handle something, and I can feel things shifting. I spend over $100 every month in vitamins, minerals and herbs trying to feel better. This is working. I fully intend to give it some time and see what benefits can be gleaned. Thank you Etienne! Very grateful to have my life back!”
– Nikki (USA)

As for EMF, there are things you can already do. First, disable Bluetooth on your laptop and cellphone. Bluetooth is very damaging for your body, and even EMF Neutralizer can’t fully neutralize that. Second, place a sheet of aluminum foil around your WiFi modem, making sure it doesn’t cut air flow causing overheating. This alone will cut measurable EMF by a factor of 10! Watch this video for proof.

There’s a lot more to say about this new technology — more coming soon!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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