I was contemplating the question: how many starseeds are on Earth, exactly? At least 70 million, but what are the real numbers?

First, what are starseeds? Starseeds are souls from other worlds who chose to incarnate here on Earth to assist us through our period of ascension. Most of them are 6th density and above. They lost their memories to integrate within our dysfunctional society, and most greatly struggle to reconnect with their mission.

In the Satrimono Publishing website that I’m about to release, I’ll be describing a simple methodology to measure any question by connecting with your higher self. It can be done using muscle testing or a pendulum, among other ways. Using this approach, I measured the starseeds population as percentage of the population. This reading is particularly difficult because the soul structure and memories are occulted. I had to repeat and validate the reading several times to get to a sum of 100% and a high accuracy check.

I’m reading the starseed population per density level, which represents the level of consciousness. Plants and minerals are 1st density. Insects and animals are 2nd density. Humans are 3rd density, and we’re transitioning into 4th and 5th density. During the energetic shifts, starseeds will recover their native density level.

Percentage of the population on Earth per density level:
– 3rd density: 41.42%
– 4th density: 13.44%
– 5th density; 12.62%
– 6th density: 13.46%
– 7th density: 11.27%
– 8th density: 5.18%
– 9th density: 1.24%
-10th density: 0.19%
-11th density and above: 1.16%
Accuracy check: 99.61%

If we look at it that way, the population of 6th density and above is 32.5% of the world’s population! On a population of 7 billion, this represents 2.275 billion starseeds! It really depends how we look at it. If I ask “what percentage of the population had their first incarnation on Earth”, the number I get is 31.6%. This would technically make 68.4% of the population starseeds. The “local” population is lower than I expected.

Let’s take a step back and do the same reading of population per density level back in 1990.
– 3rd density: 42.89%
– 4th density: 13.97%
– 5th density: 12.88%
– 6th density: 10.43%
– 7th density: 9.22%
– 8th density: 5.69%
– 9th density: 3.23%
– 10th density: 0.38%
– 11th density and above: 1.33%
Accuracy check: 99.82%

NOW that is VERY interesting!! I would have thought the starseeds population to be considerably lower, but that is not the case at all. They consciousness was however much more asleep. 2.59% of the population are currently 9th density and above, compared to 4.94% in 1990!!

What about 1950?
– 3rd density: 61.99%
– 4th density: 13.98%
– 5th density: 13.62%
– 6th density: 6.76%
– 7th density: 1.29%
– 8th density: 0.49%
– 9th density: 0.36%
– 10th density: 0.19%
– 11th density and above: 1.31%
Accuracy check: 99.62%

Now that is closer to what I would have expected, BUT the amount of incarnate souls of 11th and above was still the same as today. There was 1.86% of souls of 9th density or above compared to 2.59% today.

These were not the numbers I was expecting. I’ll have to chew on this one…

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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