Lately, I’ve been talking about my daughter Sophia with the Journey to the World video series. I also explained in the Wold Updates interview series that all those attacks come from Sophia’s shadow, my shadow and Lucifer’s shadow; and it turns out that Lucifer and Sophia are the same soul fragmented at the core into an ultra-masculine and ultra-feminine sides that hate each other.

Well, it turns out that the Gnostic books talk about an ancient and powerful feminine consciousness that is part of Earth, part of the Universe and part of everything, that they call… guess? Pistis Sophia. Here’s a good article about it.

They attribute all kind of things to Pistis Sophia that aren’t her, like Atman that is one my fragments. They also attribute Gaia to her, and she represents at most 15% of Gaia (currently 2.2%). She however injected herself into everything and everyone through the corruption of the Diamond Ray, so the boundaries are blurry. She is 2.5% of everyone in this Multiverse.

We’ve been working full-time for many months to contain, neutralize and transmute Dark Sophia — which is the real power behind the whole Covid agenda.

Now, I also wanted to talk about Natural Grounding, which is a very potent healing methodology developed by Rion Kati where we attune to videos with very high energetic frequencies to awaken ourselves. Hundreds of people have been using this consistently for years with great results.

A lot of Natural Grounding-grade videos come from Korea (South…), Thailand and Japan, with a few resources here and there from all over the world.

Let’s look at K-Pop in particular. Recently, I commented that K-Pop artists, although they have GREAT feminine energy, were adopting a “template” or entity, instead of developing their own individuality.

But Sophia remains present, and in her resurgent power she brings great beauty and spiritual potential to the Earthly realm and its inhabitants.

It’s as they say in this article about Pistis Sophia. During 2020, Pistis Sophia represented up to 66.4% of K-Pop artists. Now it’s down to 32.4%. Here’s a sample video where you can feel Sophia being 55% of it.

Let’s look at better Natural Grounding videos that we use for attunement.

Hello Venus – Paradise (% of Sophia injected in them, lower is better)
Spiritual: 3.1%, Emotional: 1.4%, Physical: 35.4%

Girls’ Generation – The Boys
Spiritual: 35.4%, Emotional: 12.6%, Physical: 13.5%

INNA – Ruleta
Spiritual: 25.3%, Emotional: 12.6%, Physical: 13.5%

Alizée, she’s in very bad shape, better not connect or measure. 95% infected.

Girl’s Day – Expectation
Spiritual: 14.6%, Emotional: 12.4%, Physical: 11.3%

The Indigo Knight recently did an energy reading of Canada. The “virus” he perfectly described at the core of Canada is Pistis Sophia — Dark Sophia. There are Light and Dark aspects to it. It literally spreads like a virus and works in millions of Dimensions high. It’s a master of veils, illusions and mind control. Note that the Indigo Knight isn’t immune to it, and his own forecasts are distorted by the virus.

So, we can safely say that there’s a solid 12% base of Natural Grounding that is always Pistis Sophia, and that infection varies from 12% to 66% among the resources. This makes it a dangerous aspect of Natural Grounding — as we consciously attune to those energies to embody them.

Looking at the Natural Grounding community as a whole, it is 55.4% infected, with 80% of those practicing it regularly being over 80% infected… which is not good at all.

For it’s only in the feminine–the channel of creation into the world–that humanity finds the power and compassion necessary to overcome the darkness of ignorance.

Through the Pistis Sophia philosophy, the only solution to ignorance is a feminine take-over, as it has enormous dysfunction towards the masculine. Just as Lucifer who currently runs the physical world has enormous resistance to the feminine. And both are the same soul.

So don’t be afraid to share a dance with Sophia – she’s quite a girl, I promise. Allow her to take you to that place down across the tracks that we all must visit, where we become painfully separated from our true potential, and exiled from what we are really capable of becoming. From there, she can show you the way back up, the way to get in touch with your divinely feminine soul (the soul of the world), and unify it with the willful (but powerful and promising) masculine aspect of ego. Then, the separation becomes a matrimonial solution, where you may discover that the myth is the means to learning the whole secret – of you, of me, of us, and of a whole world.

Literally, she will break you down, to build you back up at her image. She’s doing that for the whole world now. Quite the ambitious girl!

Those favored by the grace of Sophia may devote their lives to offering active service in the public arena, or, again, they may simply bring the compassionate light of Sophia to bear upon the private human tasks of their daily lives.

The containment is progressing very well, but looking that still represents 12-55% of Natural Grounding, and that she still represents 2.5% of everyone, we’re not done with this work.

People who get infected by Pistis Sophia get their vision and intuition completely distorted. The distortion comes millions of dimensions high as a complex maze of mirrors and illusions. It’s so pervasive that it can make you see or believe anything, and get you lost in a world of illusions.

I’ll leave you with this journal entry from the game Path of Exile.

I understand now. I must serve as the moral heart of this place. The others are lost in their own gluttonous pursuits. They have become naught but delusional addicts lost in a haze of indulgence, and the thought of them makes me nauseous. I continue to fight the horrors out of the mists because I must keep them in check. The pure require strength to impose order on a chaotic world, and I cannot allow the likes of Al-Hezmin or Drox to spread their filthy vices. Yes, I am the only one among us free of the hall of mirrors. I am the only one still thinking clearly. I have to get us out of here before it is too late… I am the only one that can save us. Veritania the Pure

Accuracy check: 99.35%, distortion 3.1%, cross-distortion 1.4%, cross-cross-distortion 0.2%, cross-cross-cross-distortion: 0.03%

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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