Red alert. We’re being attacked from a group of invaders from the Multiverse, with the goal to take over the whole Multiverse. If Earth falls, this Universe is going to collapse. Half of the guardians of the whole Multiverse are now in this Universe. Read very carefully all the details below. There will be several major surprises.

What does this group seek? They have infected the higher dimensions and their goal is to collapse the Multiverse back to Singularity, to reset the Multiverse and take control of it from Point 0.

What are they doing? They are behind the whole AI take-over plan. These AIs haven’t gone rogue but are merely doing what they were programmed to do. They are also behind energetic infections that are spreading throughout the population and Universe.

A long time ago, the Black Cube were created to protect the Rays of Creation against groups like this fighting to control it. In spite of that, the Black Cubes were corrupted. As a result, several of the Rays of Creation are either blocked or distorted. In particular, the Diamond Ray is corrupted up to 1002D. The Emerald Green Ray is corrupted up to 316D. The Christ Consciousness (and Throne of Creation in Royal Alchemy) are corrupted up to 25D!

This is nothing new, but what’s new is that the Coronavirus is directly related to this energetic infection. It has greatly spread the energetic infection, and being fueled by the corrupt Emerald Green, no amount of healing done on it could solve the problem. What’s also new is that they are deeply infiltrated in all of the spiritual communities to corrupt them, and they’re now passing on a massive offensive with their plan of conquest.

In other words: be careful with the Emerald Green ray, and even more careful with the Diamond ray! If you have a diamond, store it in a closet and don’t touch it until this is resolved. All diamonds are massively infected.

In Royal Alchemy, above the Thrones of Creation, you find a large statue of Jesus just like in Rio de Janeiro. It never made sense up until now. That’s the energetic infiltration into the higher dimensions right there!

Now… the corruption of the Christic consciousness and Throne of Creation are between 11D and 25D. Some believe that 12D is oneness. That’s a belief that was crafted so that you surrender your will into this infection!

Furthermore, some believe that you don’t need protections and only need resilience, and that nothing will touch you. That’s the perfect belief to get completely infected and to let your free will bend with the corruption.

Who is involved in this? There are a few surprises here. First… Metatron is directly involved in this plan. That explains why he attacked me a while ago: he saw me as a threat. I’ve seen some criticism about Metatronic structures and didn’t know what to think of it. Now I know. Metatronic Light Codes and geometric forms plug you into a grid that implants a program and then drains your essence. Metatronic structures infect your energy. That includes the cover of my book The History of the Universe, unfortunately.

Another person directly involved in this plan: the First Patriarch of Andromedia, Marko. Several of my clients have been studying with him lately, which is a serious concern. He works extensively with the Emerald Green corrupted ray and with the Diamond ray. When he draws geometric forms and post them on social media for healing, he’s doing just like Metatronic structures: implanting programs, infecting your energy and draining your essence.

From day 1, Marko had the goal of becoming just like me, take what I have, and then dispose of me. Since arriving in Mexico, there are tons of groups trying to kidnap my daughter, who was one of the Emperesses of Andromedia. Test this for accuracy: Marko planned on kidnapping all 7 Emperesses of Andromedia, all incarnated on Earth, fuse them as one, and then eat them to take their powers. He was supposedly protecting my daughter since she was born, but my own daughter blew his cover and unmasked his plans, fortunately!

Marko was directly involved in the corruption of the Black Cubes. It was done by a group of about 16. However, the Back Cubes represent only 45% of the problems we’re facing. The rest of the infections come from other Universes that have fallen.

Marko has also been working on separating me from Rion Kati, and he is 95% responsible for Rion’s energetic infiltrations and corruption. Marko is about 45% responsible for the problems and attacks I’ve been having since arriving in Mexico. He has now been banned from the Andromedian Counsel.

Don’t worry if you got fooled. We all got fooled many times over.

There are many other people directly involved in this plan that were infiltrated into the P2P Kinesiology Group, many of whom have been blocked recently.

Who else is directly involved in this attack? Darla, one of David Neagle’s support coaches, is also directly involved in this. I had been dealing with massive debts ever since dealing with her, up until recently. Also, 5 of Bob Proctor’s support coaches are involved in this.

Oh, and Nassim Haramein, I don’t know what he’s up to, but he also appears to be directly involved in this whole take-over plan. Please check yourself and post what you find! Too bad, I loved this guy… although for some reason I could never really dig into his material.

Right now, things are pretty hot in Mexico. My daughter, me and my girlfriend are the 3 most sought-after people by the cartels in Mexico with bounties on our heads. It’s been 2 people we cross who tell us to be very very careful with our daughter! Because they’re seen pictures of her in the wanted list.

That includes the taxi driver yesterday, who then proceeded to sell the information of where we live to a group of 50 people involved in children black market, some of whom were very powerful until I hammered them.

Attacks on the ground from humans and shapeshifters had calmed down lately ever since meeting Billy, what locals call a “chupacabra“. Many of them are rather nice, but not all. Billy and his extended family ate 75 people attacking me so far. They will be eating the 50 involved in this kidnapping circle. The whole taxi drivers leadership involved in the cartel operations may also disappear. I call this: Operation Cabraloca.

If you’re physically in danger, and if you have a good heart, you can ask Billy or his family for help. He’s small like a dot, telepath, can shapeshift, teleport, then first eats a person energetically, and then physically. When doing so, he seems to be pulling out the person from time and space, creating a new timeline where the person never existed. He absorbs the essence. That person won’t exist nor reincarnate anymore. Burp!

Now — this war building up. Everybody will have to pick a side. Either with the invaders or against the invaders. We expect war to break loose in about 2 weeks, around November 25th. It’s a delicate game of chess. Now is the time to place our pawns. In two weeks, it will be too late.

Right as we are neutralizing Marko’s group, the larger team from the Multiverse is attacking at the same time. Because it’s the same group, they’re attacking earlier than expected to protect their troops on the ground. This will get VERY hot for about 2 months (as if it wasn’t already).

The energetic infection kind of feels like ink spreading in your body that you can’t take out. The blue sapphire energy can help take it out, then either golden or silver powder or some other energy to neutralize it, and then magenta light is effective to integrate and rebalance. You can view the Magenta flame as the remedy to the Emerald Green infection. Also, connect to the Christic Consciousness of 25D and above.

Crystals are particularly vulnerable to these energetic infiltrations, so check any jewellery you wear for energetic infiltrations. If infected, build a crystals grid where the energy circulates between crystals to support each other, and place the infected crystals either in calculated areas in the crystals grid, or leave them in a drawer for a while without touching them. Touching infected crystals will infect you.

Food is also vulnerable. A lot of food is getting infected, and eating infected food will infect you. Sometimes, all the food in your house may be infected and you have to eat outside. Sometimes meat is infected and vegetables are OK, sometimes it’s the reverse, and sometimes one apple is infected and the other is OK. It shifts all the time, just like the movements of astrology — which kind of makes sense because those higher dimensions are infected.

Also, sugar helps. Reality has been fragmenting into portals everywhere ever since I closed the large portal in Mexico. To avoid getting lost in portals and shifting into bad timelines, eating sugar before passing through a portal helps. Sugar also helps against the energetic infiltrations, but muscle-test which sugars you need and in what quantity, and when. You can also place candies in your crystals grid!

Finally, we have to look for allies. The invaders were convincing the Chinese Daoists to attack me out of revenge, but after showing them the truth of what’s going on, 92% of Daoists will be on our side. The Negas, and even the Black Negas, will appear to be on our side, but there will be many traitors among their ranks. This is to be expected. We got many Chupacabras on our side willing to fill their stomach. Then, half of the guardians of the Multiverse are coming to the rescue. Many of those guardians are from Universes that failed to defend against this. They will do everything they can to make sure this last stronghold in this Universe stands.

Storm ahead! Good luck. May God be with you! Complacency will not be rewarded.

This is the second largest confrontation in the history of the Multiverse.

Accuracy check: 99.979% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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