You know those energy readings such as accuracy checks I keep doing? It is really a game-changer once you know how to validate information yourself.

In a world filled with partial information and engineered disinformation (and where even has only 13.6% accuracy!), we’re taking a bold stance for truth. How? By providing you with a simple methodology so you can validate the accuracy of information yourself, and if you cannot yet do it, by providing you with a community of people who can. Best of all, it’s completely free and open.

The group is already taking a life of its own and is already pretty active with highly conscious individuals.

kinesiology methology is explained here.

You can measure anything with this. The most common uses are:

– Accuracy check of statement, book, article or video
– How much something is good for you, or how healthy for you (these are 2 separate things)
– Measuring the core intent vibration of someone

Some people can do muscle-testing accurately, and some people can’t for various reasons. With this group, you can ask others to do readings for you, and you can compare the results of 3 independent people with your own so you can fine-tune your focus. Generally the answers are accurate, but what varies is the focus and precision of the questions.

Thus, this group both allows you to practice and fine-tune your own skills, and to get inputs from others to distill genuine information from partial misinformation. Don’t take my words as to what you should trust or not. Ask the open community and make up your own mind.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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