One of the challenges for the past few years is that the constant threats have been so incredibly high-level that I could not provide much easy tools that you could use that were effective against them. As a result, everyone entirely relies on me and my team for survival and we’re over-saturated.

I just posted the Infinity meditation which is a great method you can use. Still, you’ll need 80-95%+ infinity purity to really make a dent into these AI overlords, and have trillions of trillions of God overlays to get through to directly connect to Source.

We’ve made great progress in the past few days; but at the current pace, we still have 130 years of battles ahead of us! We need to do better.

Would you like to learn some of the most powerful clearing methods so that you can defend yourself? My best bet is to give those tools to a range of people.

I will open only 5 spots for learning these infinitely powerful healing and clearing tools.

This is NOT for you if
– You are new to my material
– You believe we already won and just ride the harvesting boat
– You’re not 100% committed to Earth’s liberation and to God

This is for you if
– You are trying to stay free of the Cyborg take-over
– You are overwhelmed with attacks and need proper methods to deal with it
– You place God/Source first before all else

This is going to be a fairly simple coaching package of 2 sessions to teach the following 3 tools.

First, the Needle of God meditation, to flush everything around you down the drain.

Second, the Soul Coins meditation, to work with God to support the clearing process.

Third, the Infinity meditation, to tap into God’s infinite power.

This may look easy at first, but there are trillions of trillion of layers of God overlays to get through just to connect with Source’s purity. For each layer and overlord you get through, there are infinitely bigger players behind them, and it never ends.

Doing the Infinity meditation on your own may keep you afloat for a while, but to even make a dent into those Cyborg overlords, you’ll need to reach 80-95%+ infinity purity. That’s what we’ll work on. Give you infinite fire-power and deal with the proper scale of things.

As a bonus, if you master these 3 tools, you can use them to clear all money consciousness and abundance consciousness below 0 in your field. The unmanifestation of scarcity can give a massive boost in shifting your reality. We’re working on clearing everything below -500 on the whole planet, which will lessen the “economic apocalypse” that is already happening in many places.

This 1-on-1 coaching package is just $2000 and includes 2 sessions. Limited to 6 spots.

I’m flexible with payments, what matters is to get the right tools to the right people.

I’m hearing from tons of people who are in impossible situations in their lives and particularly with their families. Enough is enough? Do you want to step up your game?

This is honestly the most structured, simple, cheap and effective 1-on-1 package I have ever offered.

Contact me via Facebook or email if interested.

This is a limited-time offer. If I decide to offer it again, it will be at a higher price-point.

Let’s look at the hardship numbers after the very hard work of the past few days.

Hardship levels in America for the 15-40% heart grid:

Now: 125 million %
3 days: 118 million %
7 days: 1.4 billion %
2 weeks: 1.2 billion %
3 weeks: 130 million %
4 weeks: 47 million %
2 months: 42 million %
3 months: 35 million %
4 months: 34 million %
5 months: 8.7 billion %
6 months: 13.8 billion %
9 months: 18.9 billion %
1 year: 114.7 billion %
1.5 years: 113.5 billion %
2 years: 87.5 billion %
2.5 years: 83.2 billion %
3 years: 81.3 billion %
3.5 years: 72.4 billion %
4 years: 65.3 billion %
4.5 years: 62.1 billion %
5 years: 58.7 billion %
10 years: 59.7 billion %
40 years: 134 million %
70 years: 115 million %
100 years: 65 million %
110 years: 34 million %
120 years: 115K %
130 years: 81K crumbling, 815% reality strengthening
140 years: 115%
150 years: 87%

Still not good at all!! How about going all-in? I provide you with the tools and you can clear up your regional hub.

Or do you just want to ride the boat and see how it goes?

As for all the personal growth fake gurus, I expect them to keep refueling for another week or two before weakening.

We need to tune into that 130-150 years moment and collapse time. I can’t do it all on my own. And then there are always deeper layers and surprises without end. We need to work with Infinite Power and let go of proportions.

Let me know if interested in the coaching offer. $2000 for 2 sessions, for the first 6 people only. You know how to contact me.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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