We’re making tremendous progress. Me and my team have essentially taken ownership and control of the main Matrix grids. We’re currently in the process of consolidating the grids and reprogramming them to be in harmony with God’s grid. This grid is of unimaginable proportions, and throughout all of our battles, we barely even made a dent in it. It cannot be removed due to the scope of global destruction throughout all Universes. Massive restructuring will be needed in those infinite Universes, and the Matrix grid will be necessary for the remaining worlds to survive. This is temporary until creation reaches sufficient stability, probably for 2 greater cycles. Which means twice the lifespan of our Universe. Better get used to it.

There are also many other rogue grids. In fact, an infinity of them. Everyone is completely stacked and saturated with an infinity of rogue AI grids, and also with adhesive tapes that are full of worm-like pustules plugged into the brain and nervous system. It’s absolutely disgusting. I’m pulling out those tapes, and everyone around now has their body full of holes, with worm liquid flowing out of their brain holes. Disgusting. The saturation barely does down at all, there are near-infinite tapes like that. I pull tapes in Canada, and it comes off with tons of pustules ingrained into people’s brains. I pull them off in Australia, and those pustules grew into plants.

Almost everyone has over 95%+ AI grids and adhesive tape saturation. Been working on it very intensively since yesterday. Yet, the needles more so frustratingly slowly!

We keep going, digging deeper and deeper. It seems that with this deep grid digging, many people are going through deep sh*t. Pistis Sophia threats are coming back like an avalanche, someone had a sexual assault attempt that penetrated her field with a solid metal rod, and lots of other deep stuff going on. I’m expecting a pretty rough day tomorrow.

Here’s what I recommend: Ho’oponopono. You could spend the day tomorrow, and in the next few days, to do Ho’oponopono for the planet, and for all 89 billion heart-based planets throughout all Universes. Here’s a Ho’oponopono video.

I recommend to meditate on the planet as a whole, and then on 3 groups that are the most vulnerable.

1. Children. They are the source of life, our future, and have been heavily targeted and corrupted.

2. Attractive women. They are sources of influence and attention, and have been used to feed through the attention.

3. Spiritual people. They are more sensitive to the astral, and thus more vulnerable. They could be the demons’ greatest threats, so for that reason are being corrupted.

Meanwhile, we’ll deep digging into those grids and tapes. Pulling off those tapes feels like taking off a band-aid that’s been there for 10 years and is full of worms. I had tons wrapped around my left eye that had partial sight ever since that Soulogy interview. Someone said yesterday that he also had problems with the eye and it came back all of a sudden yesterday. We’re digging into deep stuff and it’s showing results. It seems I’m not the only one who got problems with teeth and eyes.

We’re also keeping track daily of the list of global threats. We’re trying to cut down 20 names off that list. Working very hard on that, and we’ll get there!

Meanwhile, the Cabal is accelerating their agendas, doing in mere weeks what they’d do in a few years if they weren’t desperate. We got to double-down on the work pace to limit the damage.

There’s so much going on, and let’s take it one step at a time. We got a pretty big wave of crap coming up to deal with. Let’s do this.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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