Got some updates on the Djinn situation. Got to a “red desert” realm that seemed empty. In fact, the entire stronghold was behind 118 layered veils. All of their techs are highly veiled. It’s the homeland of the Djinns!??

I had 5 Djinns who wanted to participate in this mission, and the stronghold contained 1 very ancient Djinn and 15 other Djinns. Although the area looks empty, it’s full of surface-to-air defense systems. Any ship that shows up disappears. In fact, they got 1.5 million ships trapped in a cubic grid. They manipulate time and space grids with insane strength and precision.

Someone cut off the power of their defense systems for 5 minutes, so I raided the whole place and freed… 55 Djinns that were jailed!? The rest is history.

I did a lot of assorted clearings during the day. Several more Mantis strongholds, several Djinn strongholds, 3 more Black Sun strongholds, etc. My wife was complaining that she felt needles planted in her body. I couldn’t see anything at first, but upon closer inspection, some people were planting needles covered with hundreds of layered veils, being extremely careful to avoid detection.

Every single person on Earth has those needles planted in them!! Some with dozens, some with hundreds. I located and destroyed several cloaking generators. We then located and destroyed needle generators… but the needle remains. Perhaps the generators are gone but the needles need to be removed manually. It’s Djinn powers.

As of now, the corruption grid in Canada 56.8% is weakened, Australia 53.8% weakened, China 45.3% weakened and Europe 42.6% weakened. It keeps dropping.

These people are extremely sneaky and stealthy, but look at what control they got over Canada, Australia and China! Their carefully calculated stealth is really creepy.

Well — now they’re not hidden anymore, and they got a mob of angry Djinns after them. War of the Djinns!!

One of the locations related to the needles was a dragon-looking stronghold. They opened defense portals to the Shapeshifter realms and nobody came through — that’s when they started freaking out, looking at an army of 59 Djinns approaching.

It seems the Mantis, Djinns and Shapeshifters were working closely together. What’s in common between those 3 races? We’ll keep patrolling to find anything related to those 3. Targets are being eliminated one after the other.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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