We’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in the past years. During the past 6 months, we dealt with the 3 Witches that purchased 35% of all children on the black market. They took the premium quality and the vampires were 2nd grade buyers that got the rest. We also dealt with Carlos Slim who turned out to be a vampire. Dealt with various of those vampire families.

As I was watching the news yesterday, I learned that Hunter Biden got 8.3 million dollars from China, Ukraine and Romania. What’s in Romania??

Vampires, of course.

My friend went to chat with a Vampire Lord above them.
– Oh supreme Lord!
– Who dare summon me!
– Me.
– Oh it’s you. What can I do for my Lord?
– What do you mean by that?
– Well you are the masters now. All live by your will.

He was chatty and gave us some good intel.

They are protecting their supply chain of children. They control all organized human trafficking. They had treaties with that other vampire network. The one with Carlos Slim. It’s the same network really. But it’s like the 5 families of the mafia.

They had treaties in the end to stop their in fighting. Those other vampire Lord’s were other covenants.

Romania house is still very strong. Biden took over the contracts from old Rockefellers. He has been maintaining the flow of children. Guaranteeing it. With a blood oath.

They actually took advantage and expanded their territory of control. Took over key supply chains in South America.

They funnel the children up from South America, through Mexico to US, where they are assessed for quality and then bought and then shipped.

They snatch children off the street in El Salvador and other places or offer the parents $100 to look after the child for a few years or tell them they want to sponsor the child to America.

All stories to get the child in to the back of the truck. Price has gone up a lot since we came on the scene. And also because of Trump’s actions.

They actually have taken over from the witches. Took over some old contracts. And made new ones.

Promoting an end to end supply chain and guaranteeing the security of the cargo. They now control end to end. So they can charge a royal mint. And keep the cream of the crop for themselves.

They grade the children in to several classes. Contracts stipulate a quality guarantee not below a certain class agreed. Average child is now about 40K. Top class or grade can sell for up to 400-500k. It’s big money for child traffickers.

They conduct auctions. There is auction houses in the house. They pre-auction and then final auctions where the delivery occurs. Children are chipped once they enter the network.

A lot along the coasts of US. Port cities. There is a big auction house in Chicago.

I don’t know about you, but this conversation makes me mad.

We finally came into an agreement with those vampires. They leave Earth and all Heart, Spirit and Guardian worlds, put the children back where they were taken, and we leave them alive. That means they’ll be feasting on some of those darker planets.

The alternative, we kill them all. There’s an infinity of vampires Universes that would then attack us, we’d eventually kill them all, destroying countless worlds and Universes. That destruction is not necessary. Those Universes have not attacked us so far.

The vampires can also help us to defeat common enemies, such as the remaining AI threats.

There are many who want to kill the vampires or eat them alive. I told them to hold and they’re holding back. It could only take a spark to trigger their total extermination, and thus they got to watch their ranks. Some vampires want to attack, and others are holding them back.

They’re walking on razor’s edge. It really wouldn’t hurt for them to earn a few favor points on their way out. Like pulling out curses or taking some enemies out.

Pleasure doing business.

Please report any remaining vampire or child trafficking activity.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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