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Buy Handmade Silver/Gold Earrings

Do you want to stabilize your mind?

How about placing a highly-attuned gemstone right on the sensitive spot below the ears. It is a very important spot that will help stabilize your mind with the right gem.

All gemstones are attuned into very high energetic frequencies. Gemstones are lab-created unless stated otherwise. Some natural stones are also available. All earrings are hand-crafted.

Craft your own custom earring in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose your gemstone
  2. Choose your earring design
  3. Choose your earring metal
  4. Contact us to finalize the details


1. Choose Your Gemstone

All stones are 8mm x 6mm unless stated otherwise.

Descriptions are based on my own perceptions and use. Click on images to enlarge.

Amethyst: 2ct pair for $24
Great for integrating energies, especially during energetic shifts. During ascension, everybody should have one.

Peridot: 2ct pair for $48
Improves cellular regeneration and helps with anti-aging. Stabilizes the third eye and helps with sight.

Ruby: 1.5ct pair for $48
Protection stone. Great for removing implants, psychic attacks and demons, and also for attracting wealth.

Blue Topaz: 1.5ct pair for $65
Water stone. Brings truth and wisdom. Helps with flow, direction, guidance and communication.

Green Sapphire: 2ct pair for $72
Gorgeous Royal + Heart. Stabilizes the heart and emotions. Helps with memories and vision.

Emerald: 2ct pair for $80
Helps with circulation and balance, both physically and energetically. It is a stone of unconditional love.

Natural Blue Sapphire (round, untreated): 0.5-1ct, ask for price
Royal stone of wisdom. Stabilizes the crown chakra. Improves lucid dreaming and psychic abilities.


2. Choose Your Earring Design

Custom designs available!

For 15% extra cost, submit your picture with your own design. You can shop the best designer brands and replicate your favorite design at much lower cost.


3. Choose Your Ring Metal

Custom earrings hand-crafting prices

  • Silver 92.5: $95
  • Gold 18k*: $120 + $85/g
  • Gold 22k: $120 + $100/g
  • White Gold 18k: $120 + $110/g

Gold rings will be placed on a scale and charged per gram once crafted.

*: 18k gold will be 22k Thai gold diluted to 75% gold. The quality will not be the same as Western's 18k manufacturing process. It just means that, in 100 years, the 18k-carat ring may not be as shiny as Western 18-carat or Thai 22-carat rings. If you care about such details.

Energetic properties of metals

Gold helps with protection and abundance. There's a reason the financial system was based on gold.

Silver helps with cleansing and purifying. The Chinese use pure silver rings for detox therapies.


BONUS: Daoist Herbal Alchemy Oil for Crown Chakra

Orders above $300 will receive a free bottle of Daoist Herbal Alchemy oil to open the crown chakra (once per client). This is not essential oils. This is an ancient Daoist herbal formula prepared by a master of Chinese herbal medicine. It is very potent.

Place 2 drops on your crown chakra, or 2 drops in your palms and breathe it in.

We can send you additional bottles for $50 each. Only available while shipping rings and gemstones. There are bottles for each of the 7 main chakras. Let us know if you want bottles for any other chakras.

The energetic vibration of the bottle is 1315 on the Hawkins Scale, with some ingredients peaking up to 13600. Here is a video of how to use it.


5. Contact Us to Finalize the Details

Total cost is $40 + Gemstone + Crafting for each ring, plus $70 Shipping for DHL.

To place an order, send us a message with the gemstones and designs you want.

We will let you know of available gemstones and discuss the details.

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