• After your distance healing, even though my rational mind doesn't fully believe it, I felt a tremendous amount of emotional relief when I woke up that morning and had a smile on for the rest of the day. I have faith that what you teach, and what the book you provided teaches, can offer me a way out. This is by the far the most unconventional help I've ever sought out, and I think that's an indication that I'm not willing to leave any stoned unturned if it means that I can become a freer person.
    – Greg (Canada)
  • During the first session I spent probably 2/3 of it with a voice telling me "this is BS, you're wasting your money, this is crazy," until a certain point when the light went on and the little voice got quiet for a moment then eventually said
    "holy *&%$, it's working!"
    I've had many big shifts in my experience since our call. What's most interesting is they have been internal and external shifts, the inside world changes and the outside world changes almost simultaneously instead of change occurring within and nothing happening outside.
    A very quick update. Our second session was a big breakthrough. The way I can tell was I felt uneasy and unsettled for a couple days and now feel feel like it has "clicked." And in the meantime, crazy fun things have been happening. The "ball of energy" meditation is very powerful.
    – Rhett (USA)
  • Your Energy Profile Reading is simple and down-to-earth that pin-pointed the issues I know I had to work on but had a hard time accepting, because of the pain associated. But the written word made it solid for me to finally build up the courage and give into solutions and open to new avenues. Thanks!
    – Tatjana (Canada)
  • I've been experiencing sudden changes of consciousness since the distance healing. It's beyond my mind. Last night I also experienced a lot of energy on my head and was the most present I've ever been.
    – Yorgo (Greece)
  • I am now speaking loud and clear - loving the new adventure ride! I am ready for this core awakening to alignment of self! Even my daughter looked at me yesterday and asked: "Mum? What has changed you look so different like you are 10 years younger… what are you doing?"
    – Mary (Canada)
  • New things are showing up. I feel like an entirely different person. I feel so much energy flowing through me. My clairvoyance abilities grow like tenfold. I don't even have to channel some energy to my third eye chakra. Clear-Seeing (Darshan in Hindu. It clicked) is always present now.
    – Radek (Poland)


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